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Aerosol Beurer 00060206 IH 60 White and Blue
Technical specifications Model : IH 60 Technology : compressed air by compressor Nebulization capacity : > 0.25 ml/min Acoustic emission : silent Energy Management Power supply : rechargeable battery Physical characteristics Color : blue and white Dimensions (LxWxH) : 110...
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Aerosol Beurer 00060135 IH 26 White and Blue
Technical specifications Details : For the treatment of the upper and lower respiratory tract. Nebulization of liquid drugs using compressed air technology with compressor. For the treatment of colds, asthma, respiratory tract diseases. High percentage of particles diffused into the...
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Aerosol Beurer 00060105 IH 40 White
Technical specifications Details : Inhaler with ultrasound technology. Rechargeable battery and mains power supply. High nebulisation capacity (>0.4 ml/min), short inhalation time. Model : IH 40 Indicator light: Illuminated in blue Nebulization capacity : >0.4 ml/min Energy Management Power supply...
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Aerosol Laica MD6026P White
The ultrasound device for aerosol therapy LAICA MD6026P allows a rapid and very silent nebulization. Easy to use, thanks to its silence it is a suitable remedy for children. The ultrasound device converts electrical energy into high-frequency vibrations, using a...
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